May 2005

Equipment & Processing

Meade LX200 10 inch telescope, Meade LPI

Image taken at the prime focus of the LX200, without using a Barlow. I used the Meade Lunar Planetary Imager to get this image.

Composite image from hundreds of shots

Image at it's original size.

Processing with wavelets using Iris.

During the same night...


You can see the shadow of Europa on the limb of the planet. 3 satellites are visible in this image. At the top (above Jupiter), we see Io. Below, Europa is the closest to the planet, followed by Ganymede. Presence of the "Great Red Spot", here at the center of the limb of the planet.

On Thursday May 12 2005, 10h15 pm


Shadow of Europa's satellite on the limb of the planet, Europa being just to the right of Jupiter, and Io to the left. Careful observation will reveal a small point at the top left of Jupiter, which is Callisto