On November 13, 2005

Equipment & Processing

I used a Meade LX200 10 inch telescope, a web-cam Philips ToUcamPro2, a TeleVue 3x Barlow lens and a filter Baader Ir-cut.

The image was taken at 10h25 pm (local time).

600 images were stacked out of 1200 using Iris, video of 2' at 10 images/s.

Processing with successive wavelets using Iris, on each R G B channel.

Post-processing with Photoshop by adjusting the colors, gamma and brightness.

The sites of interest: Mare Erythraeum, Solis Lacus, Bosporos Gematus, Pyrrhae Regio, Mare Acidalium, the South Polar Cap.

Other image, taken at 10h35 pm