On April 7, 2006

Saturn in LRGB

Equipment & Processing

Meade LX200 10 inch telescope, web cam with a b&w 1/3" sensor, Philips ToUcamPro2 in raw for the color, TeleVue 3x Barlow lens and a tele-extension.

LRGB Composite of 2 avi files (300 images were stacked out of 1200 using Iris, video at 10 frames/s). Images processed using a flat-field.
Image at its original size.

Processing with successive wavelets using Iris.

Post-processing with Photoshop

Luminance (L) image:

Image de luminance

Color image (RGB):

rgb image

Turbulence on this night:

The star Pollux is shown out of focus, to check the accuracy of the collimation.
(Animation made from a video of 3s at 10 frames/s.)

Here, Pollux is well focused, and the turbulence dominates...
(Animation made from a video of 10s at 10 frames/s.) .

Image published in the column "Bravo!" of "Astronomie magazine" (French) on July / August 2006 (Number 81, p46 and 48) and in an article of the same magazine, on the opposition of Saturn (February 2007, number 87, p20).