How to get a video

Once you have downloaded a video, you must use Winrar to extract the .avi file

How to Use Winrar to Unrar a File

First download the latest version of Winrar:

Or here:

Winrar is a program that internet users commonly use to unpack a file called a rar. These files are similar to zip files in that they are packed into smaller files for ease of downloading and opening.



Click on your start button. Open "All Programs" and find Winrar in your program list. Click on the shortcut on the submenu named Winrar. This will open the program and prepare it for use.


Click "Close" on the box that pops up alerting you that this is not freeware so that you can use the program. Once this window is gone, you will see a list of all possible files that you can open in this session. If you do not see the file you are looking for, go to the top left corner of the screen and click on "File". In this submenu, click on "Open Archive." Now you can navigate to the file you wish to open, and click "Open" in the box once you have located your file.


Double-click on the file that you wish to unrar inside the white portion of the window box that is open for Winrar. This opens the file so that all of the rar files inside the mother file are displayed. Now you can choose the file you wish to open further from this section of available files. Once you find the file you want, again double-click on it to open.


A new window will pop up that says Extracting From OS.7z, this is the winrar file type. You will see 2 progressbars, 1 for the amount of the file extracted, and 1 for the amount of file that has been processed onto your hard drive. If you want to pause this extraction, simply hit the "Pause" button on the bottom right hand corner of the box.


Find the .avi file on the screen. This is the executable file, or the file extension that begins the opening process of your file. Click on the .avi file and the video will start playing. You have just used Winrar to unrar a rar file.