Astronomy scripts with Iris

Now that you have discovered Iris capabilities, you may want to create your own automatic sequences for processing planet images. You have heard about Iris scripts and are eager to try that technique. If you are intimidated by scripts, you can use dialogue boxes.

Unfortunately, a fully automatic sequence is not feasible. However, we can do a lot automatically and we will concentrate on using scripts even though we may have to do some manual corrections. Worse come to worse, if a script has bugs, we just have to modify it and launch it again from the start.

This approach is very usefull when we have several movies to process, animations to create (for example an animation of Jupiter's moons over one night) or if we do not have much time to process a movie but still want to extract the best out of it.

It's better to use these scripts only with movies that have no problems: clouds passing through will make Iris registration sequences crazy. In those instances, you should do a manual processing or remove the noisy images before processing.

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