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To command the professors of astronomy to confute their own observations is to enjoin an impossibility, for it is to command them to not see what they do see, and not to understand what they do understand, and to find what they do not discover.
Galileo Galile

Music Valere Leroy


SkyImaging is a site dealing with astronomy and more particularly with Lunar and Planetary astrophotography, and Deep Sky imaging.

Here you will find a lot of advice regarding techniques about post image processing of your images with many tutorials available in the Tutorials section.

Want to try photography of the sky, but don't have an adequate telescope? The Equipment section will help you in choosing an instrument for astronomy (telescope? refractor?) and for taking photos of the planets. Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus and the Moon are just waiting to be downloaded on the page "Videos" in order to enable you to train yourself in astro-image processing.

This site is frequently updated to show you the latest images of planets and space in general made with a telescope. Similarly, tutorials are regularly adapted to new improvements in the field of the astronomical imaging for amateur astronomers.


The World at Night Current Phase of the Moon ISS Tracking

source: eur.yim.com source: weather.com

Astro Cameras New cameras for planetary imaging
This tutorial compares the DMK cameras to the Lumenera.

Iris Iris scripts
These scripts enable you to automatically process videos of the planets with Iris!

Weather Live Weather Report
See the latest satellite images of the USA, Europe & UK and the World.

The discovery of the planet Neptune was a triumph of mathematics. While studying the orbit of the planet Uranus, Urbain Leverrier realized that its perturbations suggested the presence of an unknown planet in an orbit beyond that of Uranus. Leverrier promptly calculated where the planet should be found. On September 23, 1846, the astronomer Johann Galle (in Berlin) looked at the indicated spot - and discovered Neptune in less than an hour.

See them on the map!
Marc Delcroix Marc Delcroix
Marc gave me permission to use his video of Saturn in the Iris tutorial, and on the Video web page. He also helped me with his invaluable advice about the rotation of field in Alt/Az setup, and also with some tips regarding the commands of Iris for the tutorial you can see on this page.
Rolf Arcan Rolf Arcan
You can download Rolf's videos of Mars, and the Moon (Tycho and Clavius craters) on the Videos web page, made with his 16 inch Dobsonian.
Tim Kerr Tim Kerr
Tim edited the home & equipment web pages of my web site previously written in French, to remove the mistakes. Thanks to him!
Fabian Van Acker Fabian Van Acker
Thanks to Fabian, I learned the basics of the creation of a web site.
Valere Leroy Valere Leroy
You can listen to Valere's music (click on the note) on my web site, and on my video clips.
Christophe Pellier Christophe Pellier
Christophe's .avi video of the planet Venus is available on the Video web page. He also contributed to improve the content of the page about new CCD cameras for planetary imaging. He translated this page in English.
Dave Mitsky Dave Mitsky
Dave edited the Who I am? & planets web pages of my web site previously written in French, to remove the mistakes. Thanks to him!
Laurent Laveder Laurent Laveder
Laurent gave me the source code of his guest book.
Jean-Yves Beninger Jean-Yves Beninger
You can download Jean-Yves video of Jupiter recorded from his garden in Singapore. He translated in English, the page of the scripts for Iris. Thanks to the scripts, you'll be able to automatically process your videos of the planets.
Tom Feuerstake Tom Feuerstake
Tom edited numerous pages of my web site previously written in French, to remove the mistakes. A big thank you to him!
Guillaume Bertrand Guillaume Bertrand
Guillaume made the banner for the website (image at the top of the page).
Jean-Pierre Richaume Jean-Pierre Richaume
Jean-Pierre read the first version of the Iris tutorial about planetary imaging, and gave me invaluable advice regarding this tutorial, he also addressed other technical problems, and imaging processing.
Joel Bavais Joel Bavais
Joel helped me to use Iris and Photoshop to process my planetary videos, and he contributed to the processing of this image of Saturn.
Kevin Bozard Kevin Bozard
Kevin edited numerous pages of my web site previously written in French, to remove the mistakes. A big thank you to him!